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Our Products

Luxurious – We are experts in the production and marketing of auto cleaning products (Cars and Motorcycles). With our products, our customers will find high-quality technology and the best price.

Rubber Surface Repair Product

Our Rubber Surface Repair Product provides protection, shine and color to all kind of tires, bumpers, and vinyls ensuring durability and care on the surface.

Rubber Surface Repair Product
Self-Polishing Dry Cleaning Product

Self-Polishing Dry Cleaning Product

Our Self-Polishing Dry Cleaning Product provides protection against dust and dirt, making the washing more durable and shiny, giving more life to the color of your vehicle.

Shampoo Luxurious

Our Shampoo Luxurious gives natural shine and protection to the paint of all types of vehicles, whether cars or motorcycles, providing cleanliness, comfort and a stunning look in every wash.

Shampoo Luxurious

Benefits of Our Products

At Luxurious, we work to meet all needs within the automotive market and the environment regulations in Colombia. We are focused on the continuous improvement to give our customers the best benefits that the can find:


Luxury is available to everyone


Products with cutting-edge technology


Well-being and comfort for all

Environmental Responsibility

We protect the environment

Company and Brand

We truly believe that our organizational progress reflects the hard work and dedication we put on what we do.

The car you drive mirrors much about you, make it shine with Luxurious